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UpScale is a global business consulting company that delivers innovative solutions through its services.
Our headquaters are in New York. With offices in London, Berlin and Tokyo.
Founded in 1965, we are providing business consulting services for more than 50 years.
We are involved in more thatn 400 projects in any one time. These range in value from 1000$ to more than 10$ million.

BuyXprs provides E-procurement platform for businesses all over the world. It is also a smart contract execution and management platform that uses machine learning to identify cost saving and business opportunities.

We help Businesses with E-procurement through contract management, vendor consolidation, spend analysis, enterprise integrations and business purchase automation solutions.

If your business requires a lot of purchases then we provide intelligent dashboards that help identify your costs find you alternatives that can reduce your costs without compromising the quality. Use our ProcX tool to manage the existing contract with your vendor or simply create new smart contracts that self-execute.

BuyXprs provides cloud-based business solutions for all cohorts of the user from startups to large enterprises we provide an uncomplicated and easy solution that are intuitive and user-friendly. We employ state of the art machine learning models to learn and identify business opportunities for the user.

Client Testimonials

“The art of business consulting.”

“The most trusted partner.”

“Always one step ahead.”

“Perfection in everything.”

Matt Higgins
Unicoin Ltd. represantative
We’ve increased our sales from 20–25% since we’ve implemented ProcX and would never look back.”
Tasha Ingram
Armtrex LLC
Their procurement solution is easiest to use. We have tried a dozen of other solutions in the market but none of them can match their quality.
Flora Wilson
StrendEx LLC
We’ve reduced our cost up to 15% since we’ve been using the Buyxprs vendor consolidations solutions.It has really helped our business grow.”
Robert Chambers
Swipe Ltd. board member
BuyXprs provides fantastic tools to cut down cost and improve business efficiency. It has been a journey great so far.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation and hard work.

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Our platform is now available on every device

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